BBL | Corruption in the Pharmaceutical and Health sector: Analyzing its root causes and exploring constructive paths forward

October 18, 2016




701 18th Street NW | Floor 6 | Room 050
12:30-2:00PM (EST)

Jeff Thindwa
Program Manager, Global Partnership for Social Accountability (GPSA), World Bank

Sophie Peresson
Director of Health and Pharmaceuticals Programme, Transparency International 

Aly Lala
Concern Universal, Mozambique 

Andreas Seiter
Senior Health Specialist, Health, Nutrition and Population, World Bank

Gilbert Sendugwa
Coordinator, Africa Freedom of Information Centre, Uganda


Transparency International’s Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Programme (PHP) is a new global programme that specifically looks at poor governance and corruption in this critical sector.  This programme is premised on the knowledge that corruption in the healthcare sector has a direct impact on its victims, putting health and lives at risk.  Transparency International is taking up the challenge of analysing, understanding and combatting corruption in this vital sector. 

This BBL will provide a space to discuss our current knowledge about corruption in the sector, as well as on methodologies for addressing its various forms, including social accountability mechanisms. The presenter will provide a brief overview of the PHP’s mission and goals, and outline a recent case study conducted in Nepal on irregularities in the delivery of free medicines in 12 districts throughout the country. She will also present a new Typology of Corruption report, which is being officially launched on 9 October at the opening session of the World Health Summit.

Transparency International’s Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Programme aims to produce high quality research on the causes and impact of corruption throughout the pharmaceuticals and healthcare value chain. This research will inform advocacy campaigns for change, so as ultimately to reduce corruption in the sector and improve health outcomes.  Alongside this, TI expects to produce good practice guidance to help governments, regulators and companies to plan a constructive way forward.