BBL | Money for Development: Financially Sustainable Social Accountability Models

December 17, 2014
Washington, DC

Money For Development

BBL | Money for Development: Financially Sustainable Social Accountability Models

Wednesday December 17, 2014 | Room J4-044, 12:30 –2:00pm | A light lunch will be served


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Civil society organizations have a critical role to play in social accountability. They provide valuable local information directly from citizens to service providers and policy makers, to be used for greater targeting, effectiveness and efficiency. However, in order to be effective in this role, civil society organizations need to have a sustainable basis to operate. The current model where most are reliant on donor funding and private donations can be restrictive and insecure. What is needed is a long term vision for a more financially secure future, an innovative way of thinking about the public goods that many CSOs offer, and a willingness to test and learn from various strategies and approaches.


New forms of investing are taking the civil society sector by storm. Where donations and grants were the norm, new instruments, such as equity-like investments and social impact bonds, are opening new possibilities for impact and scale. The social accountability field, however, has been relatively impervious to this trend. This may be about to change. Launching GPSA Working Paper No 2. by Professor Lester Salamon at the Johns Hopkins Center for Civil Society Studies, this session will present and explore how CSOs can navigate the path to financial sustainability by applying lessons learned from other social purpose organizations.



Presenter | Lester M. Salamon Professor, the Johns Hopkins University, and Director, Johns Hopkins Center for Civil Society Studies

Discussants | Kurt Peleman | CEO, European Venture Philanthropy Association

Moderator | Roby Senderowitsch | Program Manager, Global Partnership for Social Accountability


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About the author
Lester M. Salamon is a Professor at the Johns Hopkins University and director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Civil Society Studies. He previously served as deputy associate director of the Office of Management and Budget in the Office of the U.S. President. A graduate of Princeton and Harvard Universities, Dr. Salamon has been a pioneer in the empirical study of the nonprofit sector and in the analysis of alternative tools of public action in the U.S. and around the world. His books include Partners in Public Service (Johns Hopkins 1996); The Tools of Government: A Guide to the New Governance (Oxford 2002), Global Civil Society (Kumarian 2004), Rethinking Corporate Social Engagement (Kumarian 2010), and New Frontiers of Philanthropy: A Guide to the Actors and Tools Reshaping Global Philanthropy and Social Investment (Oxford 2014). Dr. Salamon serves on the editorial boards of several journals, including Atlantide, the journal of Italy’s Fondazione per la Sussidiarietá.