BBL | Voicing the Voice: How does community voice enhance social accountability and improved results on the ground?

May 19, 2014

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Citizen engagement strengthens resilience and re-establishes social contract between state, citizens and other stakeholders even in the most challenging settings. Re-established social contracts mean enhanced responsiveness from government institutions and policy makers to the communities, which helps to improve sustainable results of interventions.


Cordaid’s mission is to build flourishing communities in fragile contexts. A flourishing community is one where the social structures, systems and institutions function inclusively and sustainably for the purpose of satisfying the needs of all members of the community. When local communities have the capacity to voice insights about their needs, aspirations and barriers based on evidence, they can be in the driving seat in defining what matters most to them: what actions should be taken, and what should be the priorities of the actors involved.


In the BBL, Cordaid will present its approach to promoting inclusive and evidence-based citizen engagement towards sustained results in health, education, but also enabling a political space for civil society:


  • Experiences in re-establishing the social contract between citizens and government (DRC, Nigeria, Afghanistan);
  • Newly developed methods to support an improved results framework with high-quality open data

An on-the-ground case study from DRC will be presented, which explains how the capacity building of citizens contributed to enhancing the quality of health services. The presentation will also explore relevant linkages with the World Bank’s citizen engagement strategy, which aims to reinforce existing mechanisms of citizen involvement at country level in the projects implemented by the Bank, in cooperation with the national government.



Dr Paul Khomba, Health Program Manager, Cordaid

Izabella Toth, Senior Corporate Strategist, Cordaid

Caroline Kroon, Senior corporate open data manager, Cordaid


Mariam Sherman, Director, Results, Openness, and Effectiveness, Operations Policy and Country Services Unit, World Bank


Roby Senderowitsch, Program Manager, GPSA


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