Inclusion, Social Accountability, and Human Capital: A Round Table at the 2019 Spring Meetings Civil Society Policy Forum

April 09, 2019
WB Headquarters - MC8-100

This round table is part of the 2019 Spring Meetings Civil Society Policy Forum and will take place on Tuesday, April 9, 2019, at 3:00PM EST. The discussion will address questions such as, to what extent have social accountability programs been successfulin promoting greater inclusion and equity? Have social accountability interventions led to more equitable access to services or more inclusive human capital development? Are tools and methodologies currently available adequate to meet the challenge of inclusion?  What lessons can we draw from current practices?

GPSA invites its Global Partners and any interested participants to join the roundtable and share relevant experiences from work on inclusion, social accountability and human capital building. The roundtable is an opportunity to learn from each other and advance social accountability practice.

Follow live tweets from the discussion on Twitter @gpsa_org and #socialacc. American Sign Language interpretation will be available. The session will not be live streamed.


Ann Hudock, Executive Vice President, Counterpart International


Christian Arandel, Senior Director, Governance, Counterpart International

Jeff Thindwa, Program Manager, GPSA

Maarten Oranje, Expert, Health Systems / Health Data, Health & Resilient Communities division, Cordaid