Progress and Lessons of Social Accountability in Paraguay’s Conditional Cash Transfer Program

March 23, 2018
Asuncion: Crown Plaza Hotel | Washington DC: World Bank HQ, Room MC4-603


Friday, March 23, 2018 at 9:30am EST (10:30am Asuncion)


Asuncion: Crown Plaza Hotel (Spanish)

Washington DC: World Bank HQ, Room MC4-603 (English)

* Simultaneous interpretation provided *

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Héctor Cárdenas

Minister of the Executive Secretariat of Social Action of Paraguay


Agustín Carrizosa

Executive President of the Center for Information and Resources for Development (CIRD), Paraguay


María Ofelia Yegros López

Executive Direct of the Center for Environmental and Social Studies (CEAMSO), Paraguay


Jeff Thindwa

Program Manager, Global Partnership for Social Accountability, World Bank


Jan Weetjens

Practice Manager Social Development (LAC Region), Global Practice for Urban Rural & Social Development, World Bank



This panel will present the main progress made with social accountability efforts in Paraguay and a vision of the role of social accountability in the plans of the country’s next government.


Improving the quality of service delivery is a challenge in many developing countries, as it is in Paraguay. Most of the time, citizens are not even aware of the standards of services they should receive. At the same time, governments face challenges to provide institutionalized opportunities to encourage and recognize citizen feedback for the improvement of public services.


The Ñañomoirũ Social Accountability Project for Paraguay’s Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) Program Tekoporã is the first empirical experience in the implementation of social accountability mechanisms in the country. The project is supported by the Global Partnership for Social Accountability.



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