Towards a Citizen-Centric Approach to Governance

April 17, 2015
Washington DC

Towards a Citizen-Centric Approach to Governance: the Role of Social Accountability
An Update on the GPSA

Social accountability enables citizens to provide feedback on and voice demand for improved service delivery, greater budget transparency, open contracting and regulation. It offers a way for actors inside and outside the government to work together to solve governance challenges, ensuring that communities get the services and results they need and deserve, and helping governments to deliver public services more effectively and efficiently.


The GPSA’s 23 grants in 17 countries worldwide are supporting social accountability projects in which civil society and governments engage in a constructive, coalition-based approach to resolve critical governance problems. The program works to create and share knowledge on strategic social accountability mechanisms and invites government, civil society, private sector and donors to join the discussion.


This panel discussion will focus on the impact of strategic social accountability approaches aimed at reducing poverty and enhancing shared prosperity. It will discuss key issues and opportunities around supporting pro-accountability coalitions between state and civil society, and the importance of building bridges to connect active, engaged citizens with governments who listen to and work with citizens. 





Mario Marcel  Senior Director for Governance Global Practice, World Bank




Lindsay Coates Executive Vice President, InterAction

Randy Tift  Senior Policy Advisor, World Vision US

Victoria Vlad  Project Coordinator, Expert-Grup Moldova

Roby Senderowitsch  GPSA Program Manager, World Bank