World Development Report 2021 Concept Note: Consultations with CSOs

May 28, 2020

The next World Bank World Development Report: Data for Better Lives, to be completed in early 2021, will focus on how data can improve the lives of the poor in developing countries.

The concept note is now available and the WDR team is looking forward to consulting with members of civil society to understand diverse perspectives on this critical development issue, especially from low- and middle-income countries.

The concept note discusses how the value of data is largely untapped, lays out the conceptual framework to help guide our thinking, and reflects on the current data landscape and the environment needed to enable the use and reuse of data while safeguarding against misuse.

Civil society plays a particularly important role in this discussion. Making data transparent and widely available will help to hold governments accountable for policy choices, and empower individuals to access public and commercial services that are tailored to their needs. While there is great potential for such benefits, there is also the need to protect privacy and find ways to mitigate negative impacts.

Please RSVP to join this virtual consultation for members of civil society. Connection details will be sent to the email provided in the registration form. Following a presentation of the concept note by the WDR co-directors, the WDR team hopes to hear perspectives from representatives of civil society, with ample time for discussion and Q/A from participants. Join them!     

More information available here.