Young people as Game Changers

October 07, 2014
Washington DC

Youth Panel

Young people as Game Changers Helping Governments Listen and Respond to Young People's Voices through Social Accountability

GPSA and YABT are co-hosting a workshop at the World Bank Group Youth Summit 2014

October 7, 2014 | 3:30 - 4:45pm IFC Room 11P 142

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Youth are at the crossroads of the development and accountability debate. While many are losing trust in the current system and disengaging because of governments' repeated failure to listen and address their needs; some are expressing a strong voice for more transparency, accountability and more open governance. There is a sense of urgency that youth can bring new energy and innovative solutions to open up systems that are often closed to them, especially given the boom of social media used by young people to express discomfort towards their governments. Constructive engagement in social accountability mechanisms can empower youth to give direct feedback to governments on various issues that touch on their lives directly: from education and health, employment and entrepreneurship, to climate change action, and making cities more livable.


This workshop offers a chance to experience first-hand the "how to" and impact of social accountability mechanisms in international development. The panel will launch a discussion on a number of key service-delivery failures that young people are facing in their communities, and explore the solutions that young people have developed. Participants will learn about the approach taken by the Global Partnership for Social Accountability, which equips communities and governments to solve collective action problems together through participation and citizen feedback. In a simulation of the dynamics in the field, participants will perform a"citizen report card" exercise, a social accountability tool to measure the performance of public services. It will also present the example of the Young Americas Forum that allows youth in Latin America and the Caribbean to interact directly with their governments.


Roby Senderowitsch | Program Manager, Global Partnership for Social Accountability, World Bank

Luis Viguria | CEO | Young Americas Business Trust


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