Join us for three days at the sixth Global Partners Forum to discuss social accountability in meeting the challenge of inclusionJoin us for three days at the sixth Global Partners Forum to discuss social accountability in meeting the challenge of inclusion

Welcome to the sixth edition of the GPSA Global Partners Forum!

This year the Forum is organized in partnership with the World Bank’s Human Rights and Development Trust Fund, Open Society Foundations and the Public Service Accountability Monitor at Rhodes University and will focus on the role of social accountability in meeting the challenge of inclusion in public governance. 

New dynamics as well as the continued evolution of the field, unpacked in the GPSA Forum Brief, call for social accountability practitioners, researchers and development partners to challenge themselves and think about what the foundation of their task is today and how the frontiers of social accountability are evolving. The aim of the 2019 GPSA Global Partners Forum is to equip GPSA stakeholders to promote, design and implement better social accountability mechanisms that can help to solve the challenge of asymmetries of power through more inclusive policy-making and implementation, building on social accountability’s foundations but with an eye toward its frontiers.

The Forum will, in plenary discussions, highlight innovations and build shared perspectives; in partner-led breakout sessions, break new ground through knowledge sharing and capacity building; and, in key speeches, underscore the imperative of collective action to tackle exclusion in all its forms and build more inclusive governance. As a field-shaping initiative, the Forum will assess what opportunities social accountability processes have created thus far, where the challenges towards using social accountability for more inclusive and effective development lie, and thus aim to inform the actions of governments, donors, civil society groups, and development partners. The Forum will prominently showcase experiences led by GPSA Global Partners and the GPSA’s own initiatives.

The key questions this Forum thus seeks to address are:

  1. What are we learning from the foundations of social accountability practice, and how it contributes to more inclusive governance processes and beneficial development outcomes for all?  

  2. What opportunities and challenges are there in the operating environment for social accountability and how are practitioners navigating them in order to make policy-making and delivery of services more inclusive?

  3. What are the emerging frontiers of social accountability that practitioners and development partners are exploring to deliver on its potential for supporting inclusive governance and development?

Read the 2019 GPSA Forum Brief for additional information in this year's theme of the conference. To access additional resources relevant to this year's theme, please visit Forum's Reading List.

The Global Partners Forum takes place annually at the World Bank headquarters in Washington, DC, and has become the pre-eminent global summit on social accountability for development. It convenes the GPSA’s vibrant Global Partners Network consisting of practitioners and thought leaders across civil society, governments, academia, foundations and business, alongside World Bank professionals.

In our past editions we focused on topics such as “Money Matters: Public Finance and Social Accountability for Human Capital (2018), “Citizen Action for Open, Accountable and Inclusive Societies” (2017); “Social Accountability for Development Impact” (2016); “Social Accountability for Citizen-Centric Governance: A Changing Paradigm” (2015) and “What Works in Social Accountability?” (2014).

The Forum is consistently a co-creation between the GPSA Secretariat and key Global Partners, and features a variety of panels, workshops, small group discussions, networking sessions, and high-level plenary sessions. The Forum also serves as a platform to showcase good practices and important innovations.

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