Call for Session Proposals

As in past years, the GPSA Forum is built in collaboration with the GPSA’s Global Partners, who share a concern for elevating the role of citizens and civil society, working together with public authorities, in making governments more accountable and effective in serving the public good. This year, we come together specifically to address inclusion as a cross-cutting theme and development priority relevant to the diverse interests and aims of GPSA Global Partners. In the spirit of inclusion, the agenda for the Forum will be based on an open call for session proposals and speakers. We are looking for people from different fields, sectors and regions from around the world to exchange ideas and share knowledge to build better, more inclusive interventions.


The Call for Session Proposals is now closed. We received many more proposals than the agenda can accommodate. In the next few days, proposals will be reviewed and a selection will be made following the criteria set out in the Call. Thanks to all who took the time to submit a proposal, and please stay tuned for a response!

If you have any question regarding the Call or your proposal, please send us an e-mail at




Review the following guidelines to read more about the selection criteria used to select winning proposals.


Guidelines for submitting a proposal

Proposal content

As outlined in the Forum Brief, this year’s Global Partners Forum aims to equip GPSA stakeholders to promote, design and implement better social accountability mechanisms that can help to solve the challenge of asymmetries of power through more inclusive policy-making and implementation, building on social accountability’s foundations but with an eye toward its frontiers. All proposals submitted should be aligned with and try to respond to the key questions this Forum seeks to address, which are the following:

  1. What are we learning from the foundations of social accountability practice, and how it contributes to more inclusive governance processes and beneficial development outcomes for all?  
  2. What opportunities and challenges are there in the operating environment for social accountability and how are practitioners navigating them in order to make policy-making and delivery of services more inclusive?
  3. What are the emerging frontiers of social accountability that practitioners and development partners are exploring to deliver on its potential for supporting inclusive governance and development?

We encourage you to read the Forum Brief and Reading List before drafting your proposal.

Session formats

We are looking for formats that invite a lively discussion and engagement and encourage formats that go beyond panel discussions, such as lightning talk, interview, roundtable discussion, “shark tank”. You may consider the OpenGovHub’s Guide to Great Events for further inspiration.

Session slots are limited to 90 minutes. Room set-up such as screens and laptops for Powerpoint, as well as flip charts will be available but cannot be guaranteed in each breakout room. Please indicate if you need any of these in your proposal and we will do our best to meet each request.

Submission and selection process

All session proposals must be sent through this form by September 1st. Proposals must be succinct while clearly setting the goals, audience, and format of the session, as well as identifying speakers, moderators and co-facilitators.

The selection of proposals will be made in the first weeks of September. The principal contact will be notified by email as to whether the proposal was accepted or not. Session slots are limited and therefore not all proposals will be accepted. We ask that each organization submit only one proposal, although you may co-organize or contribute to additional sessions if they are submitted by another organization. We encourage our partners to work together and design proposals jointly. We may suggest combining sessions that are similar or present complementing points of view.

If your proposal is accepted, you will receive additional details on next steps, content and logistics. The Forum’s final program will be made public in October.

Selection criteria

The selection process will prioritize:

  • Proposals with clear objectives and value added in line with the Forum’s goal and key questions.
  • Proposals that include an engaging session format that encourages dynamic discussions and reflects innovative approaches to the exchange of knowledge
  • Proposals that help moving the dialogue around SAcc and inclusion forward, showcase expertise and include follow-up mechanisms.
  • Proposals that include a diversity of sectors, countries and regions, ensure gender balance among proposed speakers and moderators and offer a variety of perspectives.