Dilemmas and Other Considerations for Building Human Capital

Written by Juan Pablo Guerrero, GIFT Network Director

Building human capital goes to the heart of reducing inequality. This refers to the question of allocation of resources, with the difficult trade-offs between spending in the present, or investing in the future. It is difficult to raise taxes when citizens are unwilling to pay more as they don’t believe their governments will spend those additional resources efficiently. Thus, a precondition for expanding public expenditure seems to be government’s ability to deliver efficient services, leaving nothing to waste. Read more


Invest Your Money In Your People: 5 Top Takeaways from GPSA Forum

Written by Yeukai Mukorombindo, Research and Social Accountability Consultant

The Forum was an opportunity for us to reflect on the value add of social accountability for tackling governance and development challenges by learning from achievements, trials and opportunities in this field to date. What did we learn from this seminal event? Here are five top takeaways. Read more



On human capital, money and the vital role of social accountability

Written by Jeff Thindwa, Program Manager, GPSA

The 2018 Global Partners Forum was the first step in the right direction to build civil society and public support for the human capital project, while engaging governments and advocating more and better investments in human capital. Read more



The Great, Unexplored Potential Between Media Development and Social Accountability

Written by Nicholas Benequista, Research Manager and Editor, Center for International Media Assistance

Effective social accountability work makes good use of media, and effective media institutions are themselves both a platform for social accountability and a social accountability actor in their own right. Yet when media outlets are corrupt, captured, or unprofessional, they can equally be a hindrance to social accountability and a risk to engage with. Read more


Human Capital and Social Accountability: Why Development Advocates Should Care?

Written by Yeukai Mukorombindo, Research and Social Accountability Consultant & Edith Mecha, Communications Lead for the Transparency and Accountability Initiative

Increasing transparency and accountability as a pathway to development in the 21st century remains one of the central goals of the open government reform agenda. At this year’s GPSA forum, participants heard that although governments had made some progress in implementing open governance reforms, the developmental impact is still yet to be seen. Read more here.


What are we learning about collaborative citizen engagement in anticorruption?

Written by Florencia Guerzovich, Independent Consultant and Researcher, Sr. Monitoring, Evaluation, Research and Learning Advisor, GPSA; and Paula Chies Schommer, Professor of Public Administration, Santa Catarina State University, Udesc, Brazil

Civil society dynamics are critical for the activation of anticorruption mechanisms and institutions. It is helpful to think about the synergies between state and civil society, rather than pose dichotomies. We think anticorruption coproduction is a useful concept to move the conversation forwardRead more