Social Accountability for Citizen-Centric Governance: A Changing Paradigm


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Discussion with President Kim

Discussion with President Kim at the GPSA Partners Forum 2015: "Social Accountability Working for Development: Eliminating Extreme Poverty and Boosting Shared Prosperity"















GPSA Opening Panel

Opening Panel "Social Accountability:Paradigm Change in Practice". With Cyril Muller(Chair),Magdalena Lizardo,Jan-Willem Scheijgrond,Danny Sriskandarajah,Shaheen Anam and Rakesh Rajani














Strategic Social Accountability Dimensions

Presentation by Professor Jonathan Fox, American University













Update on the GPSA

Update by Roby Senderowitsch, Program Manager GPSA













Assembling the Dimensions: Strategic Social Accountability

Panel Discussion with Hassane Cisse (Chai), Madina Aliberdieva, Vinay Bhargava, Lindsay Coates, Nick van Praag & Paul Healey














Social Accountability: Reflections

Forum 2015 Closing Session with Keith Hansen