Social Accountability for Peace-Building Partnership

This multi-country program launched in 2017 provides funding, capacity development, knowledge and learning support for collaborative social accountability in contexts affected by fragility, violence and conflict. The initiative also seeks to generate learning on how social accountability processes may contribute to rebuilding social cohesion, trust and state legitimacy. 


Expected Results:

In Nepal, Tajikistan, Niger and Guinea, a pilot project funded by the State and Peacebuilding Fund focuses on capacity development, knowledge and learning activities to support civil society in monitoring IDA18 projects through collaborative, multi-stakeholder processes that embed conflict prevention and consensus-building. Lessons from this experience are expected to inform subsequent GPSA support through grant-making.

In Jordan, the GPSA - in partnership with Open Society Foundations - will provide support to CSOs working in communities that host refugee groups. The initiative focuses on improving access to and quality of education, and will entail capacity development, grant-making, and knowledge and learning activities.

In Honduras, the project - a partnership between USAid, the WB's regional Public Sector & Institutions unit at the Governance Global Practice and the GPSA - will contribute to enhanced state and civil society capacities to engage in collaborative social accountability to solve specific governance and development problems.


More information will be forthcoming