Award Guidelines

The GPSA Award for Leadership in Social Accountability is a recognition granted by the Global Partnership for Social Accountability (GPSA) to individuals in government, civil society organizations or the private sector for their outstanding contributions in the field of Social Accountability as a means to eradicate poverty and foster shared prosperity. The GPSA Leadership in Social Accountability Award is a recognition for the influence and impact of its recipients. The GPSA will celebrate and raise the visibility of the Award recipients among key audiences. Together with future cohorts of Award recipients, Awardees will be encouraged to connect and exchange experiences.

The GPSA expects to announce six Award winners — each representing a geographic region: Africa, East Asia and Pacific, Europe and Central Asia, Latin America and Caribbean, Middle East and North Africa, and South Asia. A special Lifetime Achievement award may also be granted. The Awardees will be presented in an official ceremony at the 2015 GPSA Global Partners Forum, to be held on May 12 and 13.



Award Nomination Process and Guidelines

Please read these nomination guidelines and the selection criteria prior to completing the nomination form, and consider carefully whether there is a good fit between these criteria and the potential nominee before submitting a nomination.

  • Self-nominations will not be accepted; all candidates must be nominated by a third person who knows the nominee and their work well enough to make an accurate and compelling case for nomination, and who may be called upon as a reference.
  • World Bank Group staff (including consultants) are not eligible for the Award.
  • All nominations must be made in English.
  1. Who May Nominate

    Nominations may be made exclusively by GPSA Global Partner organizations (see list of GPSA Global Partners). Nominations are limited to one individual per Global Partner. World Bank Country Offices in each eligible country may also nominate candidates, limited to one nominee per Office.

  2. Who Is Eligible for Nomination

    The GPSA Award for Leadership in Social Accountability is a recognition for individuals in government, civil society organizations or the private sector for their outstanding contributions in the field of Social Accountability. Nominations must be made exclusively for candidates in countries that have opted-in to the GPSA by March 16, 2015, the (extended) closing date for nominations. Please refer to the list of opted-in countries. Nominees are not required to be citizens of the country for which the nomination is made, but are expected to have exceptionally strong linkages to the opted-in country in question through their social accountability work.

  3. Closing Date for Nominations

    All nominations must be made before or on the extended deadline date of Monday March 16, 2015.

Nominations and Eligibility for Lifetime Achievement Award


Global Partners and World Bank Country Offices may additionally choose to nominate an individual for a special Lifetime Achievement Award. Such individuals should showcase clear career path in the field and be internationally recognized for this work. Eligibility in this category is open for citizens of any nationality, working in any country or region, not limited to GPSA "opted-in"countries.

Award Selection Process

Based on the nominations received, the GPSA Steering Committee, comprised of individuals representing governments, civil society organizations, donors and the World Bank will make the final selection of Awardees, granting up to one Award per region. The Steering Committee's decision will be considered final. The Steering Committee may also select a single Lifetime Achievement Award recipient.

Once a final selection has been made, the GPSA Secretariat will contact the selected Awardees to inform them of the decision, and invite them to the 2015 GPSA Global Partners Forum. Award winners are expected to attend and may speak at a session or panel at the Forum.

Selection Criteria

All nominations will be evaluated based on the following four criteria, during all stages of the process: (1) leadership, (2) achievement, (3) strategic engagement, and (4) integrity.

Leadership is a measure of the influence of individuals on others through their behavior and actions. Candidates are expected to have contributed to shaping or pushing the frontiers of the social accountability field by showing leadership attributes encompassing, but not limited to: an exceptional capacity for bringing people together in an inclusive manner; for initiating or sustaining change; for inspiring through a clear vision; and helping to raise the voices of people, particularly those in poverty situations, excluded and marginalized groups. The candidate is recognized in her/his community (province, region, district), country or region for one or more of the aforementioned leadership skills and attributes.

Achievement is the actual impact of the actions of the individual, through projects or initiatives they may have conceived, led or otherwise supported. While the impact of a project is often difficult to pinpoint to a single individual, the selection process will strive to identify the contribution of the individual to collective action. Awardees are expected to have contributed to a tangible achievement in poverty eradication or fostering shared prosperity.

Strategic engagement is the candidate's recognized contribution to solving concrete governance and development problems by standing out as a particularly skillful facilitator and "consensus-builder" across different groups, recognizing that problems can only be solved through collaborative dialogue, effective listening and coalition-building. This dimension reflects the GPSA's approach to social accountability as a means for civil society, government and private sector actors to come together to solve concrete public problems in a collaborative manner by working together and sharing information and resources. 

Integrity refers to an unquestionable ethical standing of the nominees, reflected in all aspects of their work — from motivations to actual implementation.

Other Considerations

Award recipients may — and are encouraged to — publicize their status in their printed communications. The GPSA Award does not imply a formal endorsement by the World Bank Group of the individual or of the organizations to which he or she may be affiliated. Award recipients are distinct from GPSA Grantees, and there is no financial obligation between the parties, or a monetary prize associated to the Award. Persons or entities who are ineligible to receive Bank funds under the Bank's Anti-Corruption Guidelines, Corporate Procurement Policy and Operational Procurement and Consultant Guidelines, and other applicable rules are ineligible to be nominated and selected for a GPSA Award. Under exceptional circumstances, the Award may be rescinded by the GPSA Steering Committee, for conduct unbecoming of the expected integrity standards.