Grant Making Process

In opted-in countries, prior to issuing a Call for Proposals a consultative process with stakeholders including government, civil society and other donor agencies, is organized to define the key governance issues (thematic areas) per country that CSO proposals should address. This country-tailored, problem-solving approach maximizes the alignment of GPSA activities with the development strategies of countries.

While CSOs in participating countries respond to country-tailored calls, all proposals compete at the global level. Our process for selecting which proposals will be funded is outlined below.

GPSA Grant Selection Process

After the Call for Proposals is closed and applications have been received, the process for selecting the projects that will receive a grant is the following

1: Eligibility Screening
Applications are reviewed for compliance with general eligibility criteria, as outlined in the GPSAs Operations Manual and in the Application Guidelines published at the launch of the Call for Proposals.
2: Technical Review
Applications are reviewed to assess the proposals technical quality. The GPSA Secretariat has established a global Roster of Experts (RoE) in order to bring expert advice into the selection of proposals. The role of the experts is to provide advice on the technical quality and soundness of proposals. For this, individual reviewers use an evaluation matrix, including a standardized point scale, which will assist the Secretariat in ranking the proposals and inform the final selection of proposals to be recommended to the GPSA Steering Committee. The full list of individuals who are part of the RoE for a given Call for Proposals is published by the Secretariat on the GPSA website.
3: Pre-selection of Finalists
The Steering Committee considers the list of proposals recommended by the Secretariat, and decides on the allocation of grants. After the Steering Committee meeting, the GPSA Secretariat publishes the list of pre-selected finalists proposals online.
4: Commenting and Due Diligence period
Pre-selected proposals are sent to the governments of participating countries for a 10-day comments period. After this, the proposals are made public for a 5-day period for public comments. In parallel, proposals undergo a full due diligence assessment.
5: Project Package
The GPSA Secretariat considers any comments received, including the results of the due diligence assessments, and addresses these with potential grantees. The Secretariat prepares a project package for each approved grant proposal following internal World Bank project processing requirements
6: Grant Agreement
World Bank Country Directors and grant winners sign Legal Grant Agreements.
7: Announcement of Grant winners
The GPSA Secretariat publishes the list of grants winners along with approved proposals on the GPSA website
Call for Proposals
GPSA's First Call for Proposals

The GPSAs 1st Call for Proposals (February 11 March 14, 2013) resulted in the selection of 12 proposals social accountability projects from civil society organizations in 10 countries across the world. These proposals were selected from among 216 proposals that came in from 12 participating countries. Together, the grants add up to an investment of more than US$ 9 million. The grants will build on the prior achievements of the CSOs and are used to fund projects in Bangladesh, the Dominican Republic, Indonesia, Kyrgyz Republic, Malawi, Moldova, Mozambique, the Philippines, Tajikistan, and Tunisia.

As part of the first round of grants, the GPSA also allocated a grant to the Mexican CSO FUNDAR to develop the GPSA Knowledge Platform.

GPSA's 2nd Call for Proposals 

The GPSAs 2nd Call for Proposals (November 15, 2013 January 6, 2014) received over 420 proposals within social accountability projects from civil society organizations in 33 countries across the world.

GPSA's 3rd Call for Proposals

The GPSA has received 516 proposals from 42 participating countries during its 3rd Call for Proposals, which was open from May 13 until August 12, 2015. Nine projects were selected by the GPSA Steering Committee to move into the next phase of the process, which includes a due diligence period.