Maria Poli currently serves as GPSA's Capacity-Building Coordinator, from where she leads the delivery of implementation support to GPSA grantees and government counterparts. She has also coordinated the technical review and selection process for the GPSA's three Global Calls for Proposals, and helped to set up the Program's operations and social accountability approach. Prior to this, she supported the implementation of the WB's Governance and Anti-corruption (GAC) strategy in core public sector and sectorial reforms in the Latin America and Caribbean region, including in social protection, health, education, W&S, energy and transport operations. Before joining the WB, she worked for ten years with CSOs in South America, the Caribbean and Central America doing public policy advocacy and organizing multi-stakeholder coalitions for government transparency and accountability; she was elected vice-chair of the Social Forum for Transparency (Argentina), and also worked in the public sector in Argentina and the Dominican Republic. Maria is a Fulbright fellow, and holds a master's degree in public policy from Johns Hopkins University, a postgraduate degree in Civil Society Studies (San Andres and Di Tella Universities' joint degree, Argentina), and a B.A. in International Relations (Argentina).

Note 1: Creating Space for Social Accountability: The Global Partnership for Social Accountability (PDF)

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