2021 GPSA Steering Committee Member Selection

Announcement of New Member


Following an online call for nominations and ensuing selection process, the Global Partnership for Social Accountability (GPSA) is pleased to announce that Izabella Toth (CORDAID Netherlands) joined the GPSA Steering Committee effective July 1, 2021. Izabella’s information is appended below. The call for nominations was for a vacancy in the civil society organizations (CSO) constituency of the Steering Committee, specifically from a ‘Part 1’ or industrialized country, to complement the two current members from low income countries or the Global South and to replace Lindsay Coates following expiry of her term. The new member will serve for a term of three years.

The GPSA’s Steering Committee has a balanced representation of three members each from CSOs (one from an industrialized country and two from low income countries), donors (two sovereign and one private) and developing or Global South country governments, plus the World Bank as co-chair. 

The online call for nomination was initiated in November 2020 and, following an extension, it closed in January 2021. It generated a longlist of 24 candidates. Following screening for eligibility criteria, the GPSA Secretariat produced a shortlist of 11 candidates. With a few exceptions those excluded did not meet the criterion of location, being based in the Global South. The names of the 11 candidates were submitted to a selection and interview subpanel of the Steering Committee comprising representatives of the donor, CSO and the World Bank, as stipulated in the GPSA’s governing documents. The subpanel selected a shortlist of four candidates (see selection criteria below), recommending them to World Bank management and the Steering Committee. The subpanel proceeded to interview them on April 12, 2021 and, as a result, recommended Izabella Toth to be selected. In the ensuing weeks the GPSA Secretariat conducted due diligence reviews of Izabella with several referees. 

More details on the process can be found below. 


Overview GPSA Steering Committee and Selection Criteria

Established by the World Bank’s Board of Directors in 2012, the GPSA is situated in the World Bank’s Social Sustainability and Inclusion Global Practice. It promotes collaboration of civil society and governments using social accountability approaches to address critical development challenges, primarily through grants to CSOs. The Program gives technical support to enable CSO grant partners to use adaptive, fit-for-purpose approaches that engage citizens, grassroots communities, multi-stakeholder coalitions, public sectors and World Bank teams, in GPSA ‘opted-in’ countries. More information can be found in this GPSA Brief and Update.

The Steering Committee is a central feature of the GPSA’s governance structure established in the GPSA Board Paper to oversee and guide the overall strategy for the Program. It also approves grant proposals from CSOs on a no-objection, consensus basis. Its members advocate for the Program and where possible help it to mobilize resources. It meets once a year in Washington, D.C., and at other times virtually as needed. 

The selection criteria for this call for nomination were that the nominees: 

  • be from a CSO that is legally established in a developed country (or the Global North) 
  • have interest and experience in social accountability practice and collaboration of civil society and governments to address development challenges, per the GPSA Board Paper 
  • have a track record of advocacy and leadership in strengthening civil society 
  • be able to engage governments and other development stakeholders including the World Bank to support development goals 
  • be available to devote time on a voluntary basis to support GPSA goals 
  • have high professional integrity and be respected in the development community 

As communicated in the call for nominations, CSO members of the GPSA Steering Committee serve in their individual capacity and do not represent their organizations. If they leave the Committee, therefore, they are not replaced from their organization. Nominees were also notified that, once selected, the organization for which they work would no longer be eligible to apply for GPSA grant funding for the duration of their tenure on the Committee, to avoid potential conflict of interest.

The Steering Committee strives for diversity of its members and therefore encourages nominations from women, sexual and gender minorities and persons with disability, among others. 

If you have any questions, please send an email to gpsa@worldbank.org
GPSA Secretariat 


Izabella Toth
Head of Unit External Relations and Business Development, Cordaid

Izabella Toth is a development professional with twenty-three years of experience in the sector, with most of her professional career at Cordaid, a Netherlands-based international emergency relief and development organization that serves people affected by poverty, fragility and conflict. She has served at Cordaid as policy advisor and for the past four years as a member of the CEOs strategic vision and political advisory team, responsible for strategic foresight, corporate strategy and policy formulation, multi and annual planning processes, as well and strategic relation management of the organization vis a vis global institutions such as the European Commission, the World Bank and Continental Development Banks, as well as EU Member States. Beyond Cordaid, Izabella has actively represented civil society organizations for over fifteen years in global and reginal forums such as the Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation (www.effectivecooperation.org), with six years on its Board, and three years on the Executive Committee. Izabella has been Cordaid’s Head of Unit External Relations and Business Development since January 2020.