Citizens Monitoring Mayors: Promoting Multi-Stakeholder Engagement in the Sustainable Governance of Cities in Brazil 


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Wednesday June 18, 2014 |  12:30 –2:00pm (EST) | Washington D.C. | RSVP: With name and organization to


Join us for a discussion with Oded Grajew, Founder of Rede Nossa São Paulo (RNSP), on how to measure the impact of multi-stakeholder engagement initiatives; ensure inclusiveness in multi-stakeholder engagement initiatives; and to what extent municipal authorities can become more responsive to citizens.


Rede Nossa São Paulo (Our São Paulo Network), successfully passed a municipal law requiring that campaign promises of mayoral candidates be presented to society, as measurable goals, within the first 90 days after taking office. RNSP, in partnership with 13 CSOs organized in the Network for Social Transparency and Participation, also monitors public budget data.

The Our São Paulo Citizen Observatory is a virtual database that follows a set of social, environmental, economic, political and cultural indicators of the City of São Paulo and each of its 32 sub-districts. The indicators are frequently updated, evaluated and released to the public. The Observatory also includes the development of the Inequality Map of São Paulo.

The Sustainable Cities Program offers to municipal managers a full agenda of urban sustainability, a set of indicators associated with this agenda, enriched with exemplary national and international practices that serve as successful references to be considered by the participating cities. These experiences pioneered in the city of Sao Paulo are being scaled up and replicated nationally through the Sustainable City Platform.


About Instituto Nossa São Paulo

Instituto Nossa São Paulo (ISPS) is the Executive Secretariat of the Rede Nossa São Paulo (Our São Paulo Network) and the Programa Cidades Sustentáveis (Sustainable Cities Program) which aims to engage society and governments on an agenda and set of goals, in order to build fair, democratic and sustainable cities. ISPS is a network of more than 700 organizations.


Presenter - Oded Grajew, Founder and General Coordinator, Rede Nossa São Paulo

Discussants - Vonda Brown, Senior Program Officer, Open Society Foundations

Horacio Terraza - Emerging and Sustainable Cities Initiative Coordinator, Infrastructure and Environment, Inter-American Development Bank

Chair - Roby Senderowitsch.  Program Manager, Global Partnership for Social Accountability