The Aga Khan Foundation (AKF) is a member of the Aga Khan Development Network (AGKDN), one of the world’s leading poverty solutions networks, working in over 30 countries with 80,000 employees. The AKF is focused on creating lasting solutions to poverty in the most challenged parts of Asia and Africa. It builds high-quality permanent institutions, like banks, hospitals and universities, makes long-term investments in innovative programs, and fosters an active civil society.

The AKF invests in programs to improve quality of life, allowing people to shape their own futures. This is why, from 2013- 2016, the AKF has contributed a total of $1,000,000 to the GPSA, which includes participation by the Aga Khan University’s Graduate School of Media and Communications (GSMC) in Nairobi, Kenya. GSMC's Social Accountability Media Initiative (SAMI) is today building civil society organizations’ advocacy communications capacities and local media skills in social impact journalism in seven countries in in Africa and Asia, so they can together tell stories and build values that help build and sustain stronger communities. The SAMI program was designed as a mentoring initiative that provides ongoing support to GPSA grantees and their partners, including government counterparts, in implementing strategic media and communications activities.

During country visits, SAMI has facilitated Roundtable dialogues hosted by local partners. In Mongolia, Globe International invited local officials from the Ministry of Finance, police, and other agencies to meet with civil society representatives and media practitioners for an open and lively discussion of how coverage of key social accountability issues can be broadened and improved.

In Malawi, SAMI workshops helped the Malawi Economic Justice Network, CARE Malawi, and local media better tell the story of primary school that were lacking textbooks, encouraging education officials to supplies books to schools like Malimbwe Primary School in Mitundu, one of 60 schools where a textbook delivery monitoring project is being piloted.

Photos: SAMI Workshop in Kyrgyzstan- Development Policy Institute, in association with the Association of Village Health Committees, to promote accountability in local governance AND Tom Lansner, SAMI project director, and Fredline M'Cormack-Hale, Institute for Governance in Sierra Leone, at the SAMI booth at the GPSA Global Partners Forum 2016.

Stay tuned for more about AKF & SAMI.