Ford Foundation Renews Its Financial Support for GPSA

The Ford Foundation has announced a new contribution of US$1 million for the Global Partnership for Social Accountability (GPSA), a multi-donor initiative led by the World Bank, thereby renewing its commitment of support towards the program. In 2012, the Ford Foundation was the first donor to commit an investment of $3 million to the GPSA Trust Fund. To date, the funds have been allocated towards the GPSA’s grants portfolio, as well as towards the knowledge and capacity building components of the GPSA. 
Other foundations providing financial support towards the GPSA include the Open Society Foundations and the Aga Khan Foundation USA. The GPSA was launched by the World Bank in 2012 with a $20 million contribution. Recently, the Government of the Dominican Republic also joined the group of GPSA donors, and the Government of Finland has committed US$ 1.2 million. 
The Ford Foundation has been a close partner of the program, which aligns well with Ford’s work on social change, democratic values, poverty and justice, international cooperation, and human achievement worldwide. Besides being a donor and Global Partner of the GPSA, Martin Abregu, the Foundation’s Vice President of the Democracy, Rights & Justice program, also serves on the GPSA Steering Committee. 
The GPSA has been steadily growing from its launch in 2012. Currently, 23 social accountability projects operate in 17 countries, where civil society and governments work together to solve critical governance challenges and strengthen public sector performance. Governments of 43 countries have opted-in to the program, which makes the GPSA grants component operational in those countries. In addition, the GPSA has developed an extensive knowledge and learning agenda. GPSA grantees and other stakeholders in the field are supported by a strong capacity building program to enhance the implementation of social accountability interventions.  
The GPSA’s Partners network encompasses close to 250 organizations from civil society, foundations, academia and think tanks, multilateral and bilateral institutions. On May 12 and 13, 2015, they will convene for the GPSA’s 2nd Global Partners Forum, taking place in Washington, DC. Topic of discussion will be ‘social accountability for citizen-centric governance, a changing paradigm’.