Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Joining the dynamic coalition of now 215 Global Partners, in late November 2014 the Gates Foundation agreed to become a Global Partner of the GPSA. Following the Foundations’ lines of interest and prior grant-making, the collaboration will concentrate on knowledge and capacity building activities around the application of social accountability mechanisms to the extractive industries, as well as their role in fiscal reforms.

The latter topic was at the center of discussion in a consultation meeting co-organized by the Foundation and GPSA in October. Low and newly middle-income countries that have come to gather wealth from extractive industry revenue often struggle to share that wealth across their population. As countries move from poverty to a middle-income situation, a key challenge involves strengthening the social contract between citizens and government, in such manner that citizens’ expectations in government are gradually re-established. In such situations, social accountability interventions can help by creating and strengthening new coalitions for reform, while building new levels of citizen trust in public institutions.


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