The GPSA Global Partners Forum takes place annually at the World Bank headquarters in Washington, DC, and has become the pre-eminent global summit on social accountability for development. It convenes the GPSA’s vibrant Global Partners Network consisting of practitioners and thought leaders across civil society, governments, academia and business, alongside World Bank professionals.

The 2017 Forum, the fourth edition, aligns with Sustainable Development Goal 16 and focuses attention on the role of citizen action in building effective, accountable and inclusive societies. In addition, it seeks to better understand the nature of emerging governance challenges, as well as opportunities, and to develop responses and solutions collaboratively drawing on emerging lessons. In doing that, this GPSA Global Partners Forum attempts to address three key questions: 

1) How does the changing governance landscape directly affect the field of social accountability for development and, more importantly, what responses have emerged to address these challenges? 2) In what manner and to what extent have state institutions embraced and incorporated citizen feedback and social accountability mechanisms, and what does this experience teach us? 3) What’s new in the field of social accountability? What roles are emerging innovative approaches, organizations, and funding mechanisms playing in the field, and to what extent are they delivering on their promise and aspirations? To what extent are innovative approaches taking root, vis-à-vis traditional models?

To learn more, visit the Global Partners Forum 2017 page. 

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