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Today, April 17, the World Bank-led Global Partnership for Social Accountability (GPSA) launched its fourth global Call for Proposals to support social accountability initiatives led by civil society organizations (CSOs) for collaboration with government institutions in delivering solutions to development challenges and improving outcomes. Under the over-arching theme of “Innovative and Transformative Use of Social Accountability to Solve Governance and Development Challenges”, CSOs from the following countries are invited to apply:

Each call will focus on specific themes as follows: Benin (human capital and nutrition), Brazil (crime and violence), the Caribbean (resilience and environment), Madagascar (human capital in health and education), and Ukraine (anti-corruption). Further information on the thematic areas can be found here.

Grant amounts will be between USD $400,000 and $500,000 over a period of three to four years. The total envelope for this Call for Proposals is approximately $US 3 million dollars, with additional funds expected to be raised from other partners, mostly at the national level. Interested parties in co-financing a project in opted-in countries should contact the GPSA secretariat through

“We are thrilled to open this fourth Call for Proposals to kick-start another cycle of initiatives to advance collaboration with our government and civil society counterparts,” said Jeff Thindwa, program manager of the GPSA. “We look forward to working with our partners in the six selected projects, and in due course, to have additional countries participate and facilitate social accountability in priority sectors to improve results.”

The GPSA invited its 53 opted-in countries, through the World Bank’s country management units, to express interest in participating in the Call. From that interest, a shortlist of countries plus one region was selected, along with specific themes that are of interest to those countries and align with the World Bank’ Country Partnership Framework.

Criteria for shortlisting included: government and World Bank country management demand, as well as alignment with the World Bank’s Country Partnership Framework, synergies with current and pipeline World Bank operations and, the potential to raise or leverage funds complementary to those of the GPSA.

The GPSA, which was established in 2012 by the World Bank’s Board of Directors, aims to expand opportunities for civil society to collaborate with governments to tackle pressing governance problems and improve development results. Through collaborative social accountability, the GPSA facilitates citizen feedback in critical government reforms and projects, while increasing the capacity of governments to listen and respond effectively, thus bridging the gap between what citizens need and what their governments are delivering in key sectors such as education, health, water and social protection.

A complete overview of the steps in the GPSA’s Call for Proposals and project selection process can be accessed here.