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The second meeting of the GPSA Grantees was held at the World Bank in Washington DC on May 12th and 13th 2014. The workshop was attended by the GPSA grantees, experts from around the world and World Bank staff involved in the grantee projects.  


The Workshop opened with a presentation of the 8 new projects by the finalists for 2nd Round of GPSA Grants, announced in March 2014. The selected CSOs from Ghana, Uganda, Moldova, DRC, Morocco, Mongolia, Paraguay and Tunisia, presented their projects.


Among the topics and themes covered were:

  • Social Accountability Coaching: Government, Gender, Horizontal Accountability Mechanisms & Media
  • GPSA and Grantee Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting 
  • Collaborating on Research
  • Sustainability
  • Knowledge and Learning
  • Producing Government Response: Grantee and TTL working together


In the workshop, the participants found that they share many areas for learning and effective collaboration. They shared stories from around the world of successes and failures in their work. They also realized how the World Bank’s existing relationship with governments through its lending operations can help to create an enabling environment that the GPSA projects can benefit from.


Read a blog written by workshop participant Madina Aliberdieva (Oxfam Tajikistan)

See the Workshop Agenda

A full Workshop report will be published later on.