The World Bank-led Global Partnership for Social Accountability (GPSA) has initiated the process for launching its fourth global Call for Proposals for CSO-led social accountability initiatives. It has invited GPSA opted-in countries, through the Bank’s country management units, to express interest to participate in the Call. The ensuing Call for Proposal will target a shortlist of countries out of the 52 opted-in countries.

The criteria the GPSA will apply for shortlisting are: (i) government and World Bank country management demand in a given country, as well as alignment with the World Bank’s Country Partnership Framework, (ii) synergies with current and pipeline World Bank operations, and (iii) the potential to raise or leverage funds complementary to those of the GPSA.

The main theme of the Call for Proposals is “Innovative and transformative use of social accountability to solve critical governance and development challenges.” Grant amounts will be between USD $400,000 and $500,000 over a period of three to four years. The total envelope for this Call for Proposals is approximately $US 3 million dollars, with additional funds expected to be raised from other partners, mostly at the national level.

Specific themes are being prioritized for each country among the following: core government functions (such as public financial management, public procurement), governance in sectors, social accountability in conflict, fragility and violence settings, and frontier themes like climate change, social inclusion, and CivicTech or GovTech. 

“We are very pleased to initiate this new Call for Proposals. The great results we have achieved from some of the earlier projects are proof that social accountability approaches, especially when aligned with World Bank operations, can indeed help to overcome serious governance and development challenges,” said Debbie Wetzel, Senior Director of the World Bank’s Governance Global Practice. “The main themes for this new Call are timely, with the potential to yield important development outcomes in some of the poorest places around the world.” 

The GPSA, which was established in 2012 by the World Bank’s Board of Directors, aims to expand opportunities for civil society to collaborate with governments to tackle pressing governance problems and improve development results, by working with citizens and using their feedback. GPSA activities help to channel citizen voices while increasing the capacity of governments to listen and respond effectively, thus bridging the gap between what citizens need and what their governments are delivering in key sectors such as education, health, water and social protection.

In Spring 2019 the GPSA will announce the shortlisted countries where the Call for Proposals will be launched along with the thematic focus for each country, after which the application process will be opened for CSOs in those specific countries. A complete overview of the steps in the GPSA’s Call for Proposals and project selection process can be accessed here.