The GPSA is seeking a firm or an organization which can provide technical assistance to support the development and execution of the monitoring, evaluation, reporting and learning (MERL) systems of GPSA-funded social accountability projects, and to strengthen related capacities of local partners and stakeholders, while aligning them with the Program’s Theory of Action and associated Results Framework.


The projects to be evaluated and supported are GPSA operations led by local civil society organizations, who use learning from experience, including through their MERL systems, to inform politically savvier engagement and improved project-level management. Individually and collectively, all projects and their MERL system must contribute to the GPSA’s program-level learning and management improvements. They must support the GPSA’s ability to help strengthen the social accountability field’s learning for improved results as well – one of the pillars of the program identified by the World Bank’s Board Paper


The GPSA is seeking a firm or organization which can support the GPSA in achieving these program objectives at project and portfolio-levels, striking an agreed-upon balance between local partners' capacity building and MERL needs and the collective commitment to supporting a stronger Global Partnership and social accountability practice.


The specific goals of the assignment are to:

  1. Ensure MERL deliverables encourage learning.
  2. Contribute to portfolio and field-wide learning about the mechanisms, conditions, results, sustainability and scalability of collaborative social accountability.
  3. Contribute to cross-project learning and capacity-building for priority operational, strategic and/or MERL issues where joint reflection, dialogue and learning might be well suited to contribute to the goals above.
  4. Contribute to the GPSA’s ongoing refinement of its MERL system.


Additionally, the consultant will support the GPSA in supervising data collection, reporting on select evaluative indicators, preparing baseline and mid-term assessments, and undertaking the final independent evaluation of selected projects.


Apply through the World Bank's eConsultant2 portal by March 22, 2021.



To apply, register your firm or organization to the portal and look for the selection #1273481 - Evaluator for GPSA projects (publication date: March 15,2021) in the Business Opportunities section. Click here for guidelines on how to use the portal.


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