Washington D.C. | May 16, 2014

Mexico opts-in to the GPSA program

We are excited to announce that Mexico is the latest country to join the GPSA program as an opted in country.


The GPSA make grants available to CSOs only in countries where governments have consented to ‘opt-in’ to the Program. A Call for Proposals is only issued in the countries that have opted-in by the time of the launch of the Call. To date 39 countries has opted-in.

How to opt-in to GPSA

To opt-in, a government must send an opt-in letter to the Country Director of the respective World Bank Country Office. The letter must be signed by a representative of the World Bank’s counterpart in government. In the letter, the government confirms that civil society organizations in the country are eligible to receive support from the GPSA. The government also designates a point of contact for matters relating to the GPSA, who will also provide the GPSA with the government’s comments about proposals that are pre-selected to receive grant support from the GPSA.


To find out which other countries have opted in and what this means visit Where We Operate