Consultations with GPSA Global Partners have begun for input on the agenda of the 2016 Global Partners Forum, including the latest one which was held on February 23. Forum preparations are moving swiftly on various fronts. The Forum’s central theme, “Social Accountability for Development Impact” builds on World Bank President Kim’s challenge at the 2015 Forum to “spread and scale” social accountability.  The Forum workshop sessions will revolve around jointly identified trends of Learning for Adaptive Management, Constructive Engagement to Co-Production and Inclusive Institutions.

As the Forum itself offers a platform to showcase the diverse and hugely significant work of the GPSA’s Global Partners in several sectors, in the weeks ahead consultations will be continued with sectoral working sessions on Education, Health, Extractives, Fragility and Disaster Management, Children and Youth, amongst others. These efforts are geared towards the sectoral workshops at the Forum and more importantly, towards efforts to further broaden the scope of the GPSA’s portfolio. Announcements for these working sessions will be sent out shortly.

To learn more about the Global Partners Forum: Read the 2015 Forum Report, watch this 2-minute Impression Video, and check out the photos from last year.