A lack of accountability between power - holders and citizens weakens trust, undermines opportunity and perpetuates inequalities. It is often the root cause of development challenges, such as poverty, exclusion and violence. Committed change - makers know best how to transform their communities, but without basic governance in place this is very difficult. They need transparent and uniform rules for building wealth where they live, decision - making that has the full backing of the law, and the tools to make sure power is used  properly. Things can be different. The Accountability Lab has developed a new entrepreneurial approach to harness the creativity of  these citizens and help them change their societies, particularly in fragile contexts such as Liberia and Nepal–they call it Accountapreneurship. They are putting support behind individuals that want to turn their energy and innovation towards governance  and transparency in their own communities.

Presenter: Blair Glencorse, Executive Director, The Accountability Lab

Discussant: Raymond Muhula, Public Sector Specialist, World Bank in Liberia

Chair: Roby Senderowitsch, Program Manager,Global Partnership for Social Accountability

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