imageOn September 26, the 193 member states of the United Nations committed to delivering the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, or “SDGs” designed to eliminate extreme poverty and protect the planet.  The goals and targets were defined through an unprecedented global dialogue that included millions of people and lasted several years.

Yet despite the enthusiasm accompanying the SDG launch, many stakeholders have questioned the degree to which governments will be accountable for delivering these aspirational commitments.  Amina Mohammed, the top UN negotiator charged with brokering the agreement, has said that “the one knot we haven’t tied is the accountability” of the goals.

What role will the GPSA and its partners play in helping to tie this accountability knot?  At the GPSA Partners Forum, World Bank President Jim Yong Kim challenged GPSA and its partners to consider how to scale successful accountability interventions in the context of the SDGs.  “We’re not talking about small grants for projects anymore. We’re talking about integrating these ideas into the trillions of dollars that are going to be spent on the Sustainable Development Goals,” said President Kim, “We can find ways of saying ‘OK, you say you’re committed to listening to citizen voice?  Here are 15 examples of how in other places in the world we made that work with this particular project.’” 

The GPSA Secretariat is looking forward to working with its partners to exploring how to deliver on this vision. Stay tuned!

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