Project: Strengthening public reproductive health services directed at indigenous women and young people in select states of Mexico
Country: Mexico
Sector: Health
Executing Agency: Instituto Simone de Beauvoir; Open Society Foundations parallel funding
Closing Date: 2020



This project works to hold local governments accountable for improving sexual and reproductive health services, by monitoring public sexual and reproductive health service delivery directed at indigenous women and young people at state level.


Expected Results

Expected outcomes in 12 targeted Mexican states:

  • The project builds capacity of indigenous women and youth groups to demand accountability with regard to reproductive health services in rural and urban contexts.

  • Using access to information tools and citizen monitoring, a scorecard of public sexual and reproductive health service provision is developed in each of the states.

  • The networks of indigenous women and young people then engage with authorities from the Health Secretary, Women’s National Institute and National Institute of Transparency and Access to Information to advocate for the needed service improvements.  

The activities of the project are particularly sensitive to transparency issues related to gender, human rights and inter-cultural relations. 


Stories from the Field

Entre mujeres del mundo, un llamado para seguir viviendo, para seguir luchando